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The World's Best Products and Development Strategies for Creating World-centric Values
It aims to grow as a top company for social and human beings.


TemcoLine is a professional technology company specializing sensors, industrial robots, fligh vehicles, RF, and instrument & control. TemcoLine was established by top engineers and experts from the fields in Korea with the aim to take one step further Korea's relatively weak technological capacities regarding such fields as sensors, instrument & control, and unmanned flight vehicles and eventually develop into one of the world's best technology companies.

In particular, Korea's technological development in the fields of industrial sensors and digital PID Controller(instrument and control) lags behind advanced countries. Among other, electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) technology, which is basic science, and control algorithm are considered the weakest fields.

When it comes to precision electronic technology, malfunction and reliability problems caused by electromagnetic waves are the most serious issues. For example, sudden unintended acceleration of vehicles is one of those problems, which require more advanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) technology. However advanced current cutting-edge products are, they could become deadly weapons if they lack reliability.

TemcoLine has come to possess the world class technology in the field of domestic industrial digital PID controllers. Especially, its control algorithm Super 2 Degree-of-Freedom and digital filterring technologies are unparalleled to those of other domestic companies.

TemcoLine is trying its best to achieve customer satisfaction focusing on product quallity and reliability.