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Board Type PID Controller

N50 Series is an integrated board type product based on T50 Series. The series has high performance to configure various systems/applications at economical cost. With its powerful communication function and excellent control characteristics, N50 is exclusively used for semiconductor test equipment of global companies.

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  • Universal input/output (Input 24 types /Output 4 types)
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  • New concept Auto- sampling(50~250ms) control
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  • RS485 communication with fully independent isolation structure (PC/TL-link, Modbus-ASCII/RTU and other 2 options)
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  • Support SYNC communication       and possible to use Synchronous communication up to 250 by adjusting Sync-Master/Slave
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  • Providing Remote supervisory control software and Data viewer which offer more powerful temperature recording and integrated manage- ment function
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  • Super 2 degree of freedom PID algorithm
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  • Fast mode, 3-Zone PID, Ramp function, Quick-AT, Easy-Menu
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  • 20 alarm options and 3 event output option Output port selectable
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  • Current monitor (offset, hold function) Heater burnout alarm(HBA) Heater usage time (heater life prediction)

General Specification

Power Supply Rating 100~240V AC 50~60Hz (voltage operating range: 85~265V AC)
* Option: Rating 24V AC or DC (operating voltage range 20~28V DC)
Power Consumption 5VA (Max.)
Input Type TC : K, J, T, E, R, B, S, L, N, U, C(W5), D(W3)
Platinum RTD: KPt100(KS), JPt100(JIS), Pt100(DIN)
Current input (A): 4~20mA DC
Voltage input (V): 1~5V DC, -10~20mV DC, 0~100mV DC
Display Accuracy ±0.3% of FS + 1 Digit
Input ImpedanceInput Current input(250Ω), Voltage input(includingTC) ≥ 1MΩ min.
(RTD line resistance: ≤ 10Ω , when 3-line resistance are the same)
Sampling Period 50~250ms (variable according to SG-PID algorithm)
Control Output Voltage (S.S.R) DC15V 25mA (Built-in short protection circuit)
Voltage pulse (time proportional PID output)
Current (S.C.R) 4~20mA DC, load impedance ≤ 600Ω (continuous PID output)
Control Method Super 2 degree-of-freedom PID (SG-PID algorithm), Fast, Auto-Tuning
Communication Output 2 wires RS485 totally independent isolation structure Max. speed : 19,200bps / Max. connect no. 99 devices (32 devices recommended) Support protocol : PC-Link, TL-Link, Modbus-ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Sync-Master/Slave
Ambient Temperature and Humidity - 10~50°C/ relative humidity 25~85% RH (but with neither condensation nor freezing)
Weight (B/K, Accessories included) Main Board : 60g   /  Display Board : 35g   /  Connectable Cable : 24g

Terminal Configuration