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4CH Board type PID controller

4 Channel Universal input/output function with high precision Super 2 degrees of freedom control convenient parameter setting in work site by Console (Dedicated control Display board) support all the function of M74.

Gerneral Specification

Channel Control input, output 4 channels
Power supply 24V DC
Allowable voltage range 90~110% of rated voltage
Power Consumption Max. 5W (for max. load)
Display method No display - Parameter setting and monitoring control in external devices (exclusive console, touch panel, PC, PLC, etc.)
Input type
Thermocouple (T.C) Thermoresistance (RTD) Analog (Variable within the input range)
K(CA), J(IC), E(CR), T(CC) KPT 100(KS) Voltage Current
R(PR), B(PR), S(PR), L(IC) JPT 100(JIS) 0~5V, 1~5V, 0~10V 4~20mA
N(NN), U(CC), C(W5), D(W3) PT 100(DIN) 0~100mV, -10~20mV
Sampling cycle Minimum 50 ms (4 channels simultaneous variable sampling control)
Measurement Accuracy 0.3% FS+1 digit
Control method Simultaneous heating and cooling, heating, cooling control: On/Off control, P, PI, PID control(Super 2 degrees of freedom)
Output Control RET (4~20 mA DC), load resistance 500 or less (Actual resolution 1/6000)
Output SSR(Voltage pulse) DC 12V 25mA(Built-in short circuit protection) Voltage pulse (Time proportional PID output or On/Off output)
SCR(current) DC 4~20mA (Load resistance 500 ohm or less)
Com-munication Upper device Modbus-ASCII, RTU, PC or TL-Link
PC loader Console(Dedicated display controller), USB Interface Cable(Option)
Proportional width(P)) Thermocouple, Thermoresistance: 0.1~999.9 °C, Analog Voltage, Current Input: 0.1~999.9 Digit
Integral Time (I) 0 ~ 3600 Sec.
Derivative Time (D) 0 ~ 3600 Sec.
Control Cycle (CT) Control Cycle (CT)
Blackout Compensation Approx. 10 years (Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Method)
Insulation Resistance 100 M more (500V DC megger)
Insulation Type Double insulation or reinforced insulation
(Symbol: withstand voltage between measurement input and power terminal : 1KV or higher)
Withstand voltage 1,000V AC 50/60Hz for 1 minute (between each input terminal, between input and output terminals, between input and power terminals)
Vibration resistance 5~55Hz(Period of 1 minute) width 0.75mm in each X, Y, Z direction for 2 hours
Noise Immunity Square wave noise by noise simulator (pulse width 1us) +/-1KV
Environ- Operating temperature Operating temperature -10 to 50°C, preservation: -20 to 60°C
Operating humidity 35-85 % RH, preservation: 35-85% RH
Weight Approx. 230g (Unit: Approx. 110g)

J12 Connector (I/O option): Digital input/output and Option interface terminal

  • ① CH1 Alarm and Relay control output or option card interface pin
  • ② CH2 Alarm and Relay control output or option card interface pin
  • ③ CH3 Alarm and Relay control output or option card interface pin
  • ④ CH4 Alarm and Relay control output or option card interface pin
  • ⑤ GND

J10 Connector (Console & Loader): Dedicated Display(Console) or Loader Interface

  • ⑥ Main Power(+24V DC) output
  • ⑦ RS485 RTX + pin
  • ⑧ RS485 RTX - pin
  • ⑨ Main Power(-24V DC) output(GND)

N74 Wiring Diagram